Loss Control Resources

  • Accident investigation form

    A sample one-page report with questions that describe the accident, along with a check list of contributing factors, unsafe conditions, and management controls.

  • Commercial fleet safety program

    This program helps establish and maintain operating rules and procedures that require drivers to be responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of their vehicles.

  • Confined space program

    A sample plan to establish a program and procedures for safe entry into confined spaces.

  • Emergency action plan

    A plan to identify the different types of situations that would require an evacuation of the workplace, such as fire, earthquake or chemical spill.

  • Ergonomic workstation booklet

    A comprehensive guide to setting up an ergonomically correct workstation at the office. Includes a sit-stand workstation as well. For both the employer and employee.

  • Ergonomic workstation diagram

    Contains a useful diagram showing optimum seating and standing positions at a workstation. Summarizes adjustments you can make to your workstation. Also provides illustrations of ergonomic exercises.

  • Forklift safety program

    This Plan outlines the forklift operator training and safety procedures required by federal OSHA regulations.

  • Global harmonization standard overview

    Shows compliance requirement dates for adoption of the Hazard Communication Standard to conform with the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

  • Hazard communication program

    A sample program to provide information about chemical hazards and other hazardous substances and the control of hazards.

  • Hearing conservation program

    This sample hearing conservation program is designed to help protect your employees from excessive occupational exposure to noise.

  • Heat illness prevention program

    This program, which is intended to comply with California Code of Regulations Title 8, Section 3395, Heat Illness Prevention, is applicable to any outdoor workplace, whenever environmental risk factors for heat illness are present.

  • Hotel housekeeping MIPP flyer

    Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Regulation, effective July 1, 2018, requires lodging establishments to have a written Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP).

  • Injury and illness prevention program

    An easy-to-follow guide for developing a written program to reduce accidents and injuries and address specific hazards in your particular work environment.

  • Lockout Tagout program

    Establishes requirements for lockout of energy sources that could cause injury to employees.

  • Respirator program

    A sample program to provide workplace protection to employees. Applies to all employees who are required to wear respirators during normal work operations, and during non-routine or emergency operations.

  • Return to work program

    A sample work program to help you achieve greater control over the process of returning injured workers to productive work at your company.

  • Safety stoplight magnet

    These colorful magnets (2 versions) can be displayed in work areas and provide simple safety tips and useful reminders about following correct procedures and practicing good housekeeping.

  • Wellness committee toolkit

    A wellness team will help ensure long-term success for your program. Teamwork can help drive healthy changes in your employees.

  • Wellness employee interest survey

    This survey will help you identify which health issues are important to your employees and if they are interested in improving their health.

  • Wellness rest and revive toolkit

    Help get employees on a path to better sleep. A good night’s sleep helps reduce stress, improve morale, and even lower health care costs.

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