Underwriting Expertise
To be an effective workers' compensation carrier, Republic Indemnity knows that its business involves more than simply writing policies. Our staff works closely with industry organizations to address the broader issues of the workers' compensation system, including active participation in the research activities of the California Workers' Compensation Institute. Republic Indemnity staff members participate in regulatory committees at the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) and the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), and also serve on both the Classification and Rating Committee and the Governing Committee for the WCIRB. In addition, we hold membership in the Alaska Workers' Compensation Review and Advisory Committee, Oregon Workers' Compensation Rating Review and Advisory Committee, and the Colorado Workers' Compensation Classification and Rating Committee. Our involvement in these committees allows us to stay current on all current workers' compensation issues and promptly educate our underwriting staff.

Our underwriting staff is highly regarded in the insurance industry for its technical expertise. Republic Indemnity underwriters commonly receive phone calls from producers requesting help on technical issues, often regarding accounts not insured by Republic Indemnity. When you're a policyholder at Republic Indemnity, your trust in our staff will be well placed.
Alaska WC Review & Advisory  
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Oregon WC Rating Review  
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WCIRB - Classification & Review  
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WCIRB Governing Committee  
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